Pages is a Free feature to promote your dance related business on If you have a dance school or a dance team, or are an independent instructor, dance supply retailer, service provider, or event organizer, you can create and own a Page on Danceplace!

If you business is already listed on Daceplace, you can claim your Page. Make sure we have your most current information and limit the ability of other users to change your business’ information.

We have published thousands of Pages on danceplace for businesses around the world. These numbers are growing daily and we’re growing locally and internationally!


1. Search Engine Friendly Page

The Pages built on Danceplace are engineered so that search engines such as Google and Bing could easily index the information. Therefore, your business Page will be found through keyword searches on Google and Bing. Users will then land on your danceplace Page with an easy click.

Optimizing your website for search engines can get an expensive ordeal. You don’t need to worry about rebuilding your website to optimize it for search engines. Your Danceplace Page will do the job and send users to your website.

2. Mobile Friendly Page

Danceplace Pages are built to be compatible with all type of mobile devices including smart phones and tablets. Users can easily access the information through their device’s web browser!

This eliminates the need to for users to download a mobile app to find your Page. So, if you don’t have a mobile friendly website, users are able to search and find your Page on their mobile devices.

3. Community Friendly Page

Your Danceplace Page is organized based on specific needs of the dancer community. Unlike generic websites, we specialize in dance and cater your Page to dancers based on their favourite genres and locations of interest.

Moreover, leverages the power of Facebook’s social network by inviting users to share the favourite Pages, and ask or answer questions from dance community members around the world.

4. Referral Friendly Page

Successful dance businesses rely on word of mouth. That’s why we have built Danceplace Pages so that users can favourate and refer your business to their friends and members of the community.

Through a proprietary rating system, Danceplace allows its community members to rate Pages and identify popular businesses. Your fans, students and happy customers can submit their rating and testimonials, which results in a higher ranking for your business!

5. User Friendly Page

We have designed the Danceplace Page with the user in mind. The information is structured comprehensively for the type of business.

It is then presented in a way which allows users to find what they are looking for in a simple, intuitive way. Danceplace Pages are also designed to have a clean page layout with high degree of readability. Each Page includes your vital information, contact info and location(s), map, profile, logo, photo, video, website, and Facebook link.

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