For Dancers is a trusted community of dancers. Here, dancers interact and share their dance experiences.
What can I do on Danceplace?

You can:

  • Find, share, ask about, and recommend dance related content.
  • Mark the places and people who you have danced with.
  • See who is dancing where and when, and…
  • Tell and read about dance experiences!

What information can I find on Danceplace?

You can find dancers, places to dance, schools, instructors, events, teams, auditions and merchants. It’s all about dance!

What areas and genres does Danceplace cover?
We cover all genres of dance in your local town and everywhere in the world! If we haven’t covered your area of interest, you can share it with the community.

How can I join?

At this time, dancers and their parents can join Danceplace. Simply login through your Facebook account. If one of your dancer friends is a member of the Danceplace community, you will be pre-qualified to join. Other applicants will be screened to make sure they are, in fact, a dancer.

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